Overcome your Fear of Social Outcast through ZUIG. ZUIG are shows and Talks that could Inspire you to move with positivity and clear mind. It helps you to set Vision and move with Confidence. 

Say as Failure stories, Crashed Innovations, bring us crazy Innovations and hardcore Creativity ZUIG is open for all and it is a New Generation show of Craziest Juggad  and talks that inspires intrinsic motivation! 


ZUIG is the Zealous for Useless/Unconventional Innovations Guaranteed. ZUIG is more than getting your brain working in an unconventional way, you need not look for logic, facts, and figures you need to go for calculations instead you need to think out of the box as crazy as anything and go Mad in creating things!  ZUIG helps you to combine different things and make up an Innovation or Jugad that will not work and if it works, you steal the show! 

We make ZUIG in such a way it should help you go wild and think Unimaginable, ZUIG is an X Impact that drives you mad at Inventions or Innovations, go get that X ZUIG driving you to create a Jugad!  

If you are ready to get mad at making some crazy Innovations,  the next time the world cannot say you have not tried, because you have tried ZUIG which is Madness Guaranteed! So If you are all set to make an event that will go crazy ZUIG is yours !! 

zuig shows (1).png