Our Mission

Vision: to holistically Transform


Mission : 1 M to be touched by ATESH Labs 2030

Promise : To change the way you think and act Responsibly


Brand Value : ATESH for better change in your life


Brand Personality : Holistically Transform embedding postive culture in thinking and behaving


Attribute : Creative Openness, Design Thinking

Our Model

The world is moving fast, technology and artificial intelligence is conquering the human routine, whereas human intelligence is ignored, there is a whole lot of human potential that can be explored and developed, ATESH LABS helps in overriding the jinx with a holistic approach to unleash the human potential by developing the 21st Century Learning skills.

ATESH 360 can be subscribed by an Individual or Institution to establish ATESH 360 center which enables holistic Transformation of  learners grooming them in ATESH Skills, Softskills, Design Thinking by an ATESH Certified Facilitator over a period of time as per the subscription plan; (the Institutional plan is for a group of 30 Students) . Further more in Premium Subscription subscriber will get access to curated contents, unlimited workshops, and live and recorded study materials, access to our facilitator's data and their programs, exclusive VIP Passes, and an entry to our ZUIG Events. ATESH Premium models (Individual) enable learners to acquire one preferred skill with a facilitator with one to two live sessions in a month and constant support over the ATESH workspace and through email from the facilitator. Once a Learner subscribes to the premium model the details of facilitators and onboarding details will be shared with the learner and will be facilitated with curated content support till the end of the Subscription Period.  GO PREMIUM ATESH Super Premium Model involves learner engagement, Facilitation, and support from Organizational Facilitators on any skills including ATESH Curated Skills (21st Century Learning Skills)  that a learner wants to reskill or upskill with. This Involves Monthly, Yearly or lifelong support based on the learner's preference and slot availability of Skill providers. ATESH Super Premium also includes DesignX and Design Space which enables offline  Design Sprints or brainstorming sessions. Based on the availability and Requirement DesignX and Design Space varies in their pricing plans which will be affordable and empathetic with the end user. 

ATESH LABS is led by Experience, Vision, and enthusiasm. Our vision is to make people's lives better in a concrete and measurable way. Our mission is to empower humanity. We love what we do and that's why we keep working harder. If there is no solution, you can always create one. Now let's make this world a better place to live in together. We focus on creating a people-centric experience from designing products to redesigning consumer experiences to redesigning quality of life. Design Café is our unique brand value to redesign experiences.  ATESH 2X Ambassador is now an year-round application 

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Human Centric Approach