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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics for Learning and Skills Improvement

Our Services

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Real time Analysis of your Speech

Now get real-time analysis of your talk using our AI-Powered Application ATESH VOICE which provides feedback by Analyzing your  Voice, Tone, pitch, and clarity, and get real-time assistance and training to improve your communication and presentation skills.

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Augmenting your 21st Century Skill using Human Centered  Design Thinking

ATESH 360 is a customized program for Individuals, Schools and colleges aimed at Holistic Transformation of every learner leveraging the power of collaborative and Design Thinking skills to improve 21st Century learning and people skills of every Individual. ATESH 360 has programs ranging from 8 hours to 720 Hours on various domains of 21st Century learning Skills. Every Program involves dedicated peer to peer /group Learning (30 Batch Size) Evaluation, Credit certification and Credibility Badges . Beyond this we aim at holistic transformation of every individual using empathy first approach to make them future ready. Every programs involve capstone project and ZUIG TEST. We Provide Curated contents to our Master Facilitaors and Learners.


Versatility in Learning and Earning through ATESH CREDITS for Everyone

ATESH Credits is infinity ! Its a earning system while you learn ! As you progress towards your ATESH 360 or ATESH Voice learning or features you are privileged to earn ATESH credits. ATESH Credits applies to our Team Members as well. Every 1000 Credits earn you an Voucher of Cash worth Rs 1000/- ATESH Credits is a million dollar dream from bitcoin to Secured NFTs . Earn ATESH Credits to realize your dream what ever big it is. 30,000 ATESH credits earns a Trip to Dubai Global Village. We will be transforming it to latest technologies or secured bitcoins in near future. 

Empathy first Experience

We aim at Transforming the learners with an empathy first approach that makes them face real world challenges with problem solving attitude, creative skills, confidence and people first skills. We wanted to give an experience that Human Intelligence is important that artificial Intelligence

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem and Join ATESH 2X campus ambassador Program

ATESH community is run by  leading global Players with an empathy first approach, from students to Entrepreneurs to Experts to leaders we are a community that integrate passion and persistence to acheive a common goal, Making this world a better place to live . We are Sustainability enthusiasts. ATESH 2X Campus ambassador program is a premier campus ambassador program that enables students to Learn, Earn, Perform, Travel, Explore, Practice empathy, redefine, and solve problems to create an impact . Its an Impact X program. The real impact happens when you were able to empathize with people  and solve their problems.

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