Once you are subscribed to our premium version with your preferred program we will mail you with the Learner ID and Contents for learning with the Facilitator ID who will be facilitating you through the program. The Facilitator will guide you in completing your assignments and Capstone Projects apart from live classes.

We operate on a limited technology and soon we will launch our interactive mobile application which enables you an Interactive learning experience.  However, your facilitation takes place our Zoom. Watch out this space for more learning updates. 

We have an Upcoming Facilitated Workshop on Design Thinking and  Creative Brainstorming using Edward De Bono Principles. The 8 Days of 2 hours each per day will be an Interactive Fun-Filled creative Workshop to push harder for Out of Box Thinking, This workshop can be used to develop Creative Confidence, Generate Ideas and develop a Problem-Solving Attitude.

   De Factor: Team Building  

   Knowledge Intensity:  Basic / Not Required 

  Complexity: No Complexity 

  Creative Tools: Pen, Papers, Cardboards, Scissors, Glue 

  Your Facilitator: Er N.Rahul 

  Nature: Calm, Friendly, Quick Witty, Fun-Filled, and a Teacher / Facilitator