ATESH Labs is to leverage your creativity skill, Augment Innovations, and Impacting social changes by radiating ideas.

ATESH LABS is Augmenting Thoughts Exponential Skills for Holistic Transformation. 

ATESH Labs is part of  Lighting Lanterns Media Works Private Limited.

ATESH LABS has ATESH 360 - an approach for holistic Transformation of every Learner may it be individual or an institutional entity by understanding their needs and requirements in learning life Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Softskills and 21st Century Learning Skills;  presentation Skills, Design Thinking Skills, Creative Confidence, Entrepreneurship Skills, colloboration,Networking and People Skills .An ATESH Certified Facilitator will be assigned to ATESH 360 Subscribers. If it is an Institutional entity one ATESH Certified Facilitator will be assigned for a group of 30 Students. 

ATESH VOICE is an AI Enabled application to improve presentation Skills and Communication Skills by Recognizing your voice, tone, pitch and clarity and provides feedback to improve effectiveness also it sends automated study materials, master class videos to the subscribers to improve their communication skills, which solves the hesitation aspect of learners


ZUIG Shows is India's First Ever Unconventional Innovation Stage show to improve the creative confidence and creative skills of people with a focused approach on eliminating the social outcast and stage fear of people. 

ATESH Labs is a Social Tech company that facilitates Design Thinking, Creativity Education, 4C Skills, Softskills  in English and Regional Languages (ATESH 360) we are also developing an Interactive Technology that could facilitate Communication and Presentation Skills in simple but effective way. (ATESH Voice) 


World economic forum has listed creativity skills, people skills, Problem-solving skills as highly sought skills for the future. ATESH Labs helps in learning and acquiring those skills which can be used for solving Big Hairy Audacious problems. ATESH Labs enables you to make better decisions, solve problems empathetically and creatively, improves your retention level, observation skills, supports an Innovative mindset, helps in building communication skills, and improves mental wellness with Attitude building. 

We use a Simple 5C Approach called  Collect - Communicate -Convenience-Connect- Collaborate ATESH IS EVERYONES COMPANY AND SO WE CALL IT EVERY HOME IS ATESHED ! 

We make use of the simple principle called "Combine ideas for Novelty" and introduced ZUIG Models for the same. ZUIG is combining different  things to create rapid Innovative ideas, cardboard, charts, Newspapers and available resources makes ZUIG. ZUIG is an Unique platform to Express, Talk,Impress and Inspire, ZUIG Shows and ZUIG Talks are Juggad platform to build and develop 

Mission of ATESH is to Reach 1M Houses by 2030.

8G Movement is a flagship Initiative of ATESH Labs with Silverink Foundation to skill girl students in Design Thinking, Creativity education, and Design Sprint for INR 8 per Girl Student. Which Includes 8 Girls per Batch for 8 Days.

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