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      Ninghai Yuanxiang Chemical Technology Co., LTD. Here yishanbangshui, rich in capital, convenient transportation, outstanding people. Tongsan Highway and Yonglin-line, Yongtai-Wen highway across the north and south, coastal high-speed railway through the town, 45 kilometers from ningbo airport, 20 kilometers from Ninghai county, adjacent to ningbo Tianming Villa spa resort, with a natural coastal port - tuanbao wharf. Shikongshuangshan rises from the sea, becoming a unique natural coastal scenery in eastern Zhejiang, chess panshan Longquan, strange stones in various shapes and forms. The newly constructed Wanghai Park and Shuangyu Park are permeated with the breath of the new era and provide a good place for tourists to have a rest.
      The company is composed of several surface treatment experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences scientific research team, committed to precision machinery, automotive, electronic, medical equipment, metal and non-metal cleaning agent series; Electroplating, electroless plating additive series; Light alloy metal chemical and electrochemical conversion film series; Research and development and application of paper making, textile printing and dyeing, water treatment additive series and other surface treatment fields. The company's main products are environmental protection multi-functional degreaser, rust remover; Environmental protection steel pickling corrosion inhibitor, promote fog suppression agent; Zinc plating without chromium passivating agent.
      Our spirit is "quality first, honesty wins trust" is our way of operation, "people-oriented, pragmatic and innovative" is our entrepreneurial concept. We will provide convenience for new and old customers with excellent service, high-quality products and reliable reputation. We warmly welcome enterprises at home and abroad to cooperate with us and seek common development.
      Yx-769 galvanized chromium-free passivator is an environmental protection product developed by our company for several years, which is completely compounded by inorganic salts. It can be widely used in hot dip galvanizing, electric galvanizing, zinc alloy and other fields. Passivation layer white and bright, its corrosion resistance can completely replace chromium passivation. The passivator can be used at room temperature or high temperature, the passivating film will not fall off after washing. The passivator is used less, easy to maintain. Use a precision test paper or ph meter to monitor the acidity of the bath.

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