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      Degreasing powder series

      • YX-908 environment-friendly room temperature and high efficiency powder

      YX-908 environment-friendly room temperature and high efficiency powder

      Appearance: white powder to pink flake granule
      PH value (3% aqueous solution) : 13.0
      Free lye (3% aqueous solution) : 35.0-45.0
      Total alkalinity (3% aqueous solution) : 45.0-53.0

      Product introduction

      I. Product performance:
      Yx-908 can be used for plating, coating, phosphating, iron and steel, stainless steel parts before the cleaning of oil seal. The product is made of special surfactants and auxiliaries, which has strong dispersion, emulsification and permeability to all kinds of oil stains at room temperature (about 25℃), and solves the problem of difficult and incomplete oil removal in the inner hole of some deep-hole parts. This product has low ratio concentration, high oil removal efficiency and no need for heating equipment. It is the first choice for enterprises to improve production efficiency and save cost.
      Two, technical indicators:
      Appearance: White powder to pink flake particles PH value (3% aqueous solution) : 13.0 Free alkaline solution (3% aqueous solution) : 35.0-45.0 Total alkalinity (3% aqueous solution) : 45.0-53.0
      Three, operation specifications:
      Bath concentration: 50-80g/ L Free basicity: 35-80 point Processing temperature: normal temperature -65℃ cleaning method: soaking, scrubbing, ultrasonic cleaning, roller cleaning, etc
      Four, medium maintenance:
      1. In order to ensure the effect of oil removal, it is necessary to regularly analyze and control the free basicity and timely supplement to ensure the effective concentration of working liquid. 2, floating oil and tank bottom sediment should be removed in time. 3, after oil saturation, oil removal effect decreases, or even complete failure, it is necessary to replace the tank liquid regularly, the replacement cycle depends on the specific situation of each plant.
      Five, notes:
      1, this product is alkaline, if contact skin, please immediately wash with water, should be stored in a cool and dry place, prevent damp. 2. When preparing the tank, two thirds of the water should be added first, then yX-908 should be added slowly, and stirred until it is completely dissolved. It can be used. 3, the product can be used at room temperature to achieve excellent oil removal effect, heating the use effect is better. 4, oil removal time due to oil removal methods and oil conditions are different, need to be adjusted according to the actual use. Generally light oil stains can be removed within 10min. 5, the medium should not contact with acid, otherwise it will destroy the composition of the medium.
      Vi. Technical Services:
      According to the specific situation of customers and technical requirements of the process, the weight of oil pollution, different materials for customers to develop a set of complete process. The company will be in line with the "quality first, to win trust" principle, to provide customers with high quality technical services, customer satisfaction is our purpose.


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