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      Degreasing powder series

      • YX-902 high efficiency foam free powder

      YX-902 high efficiency foam free powder

      Appearance: white powdery solid
      PH: 13-13.6
      Free lye: 56-62 points
      Total alkalinity: 75-80 points

      Product introduction

      I. Product performance:
      This product is foamless chemical deoiling powder for iron and steel, suitable for chemical degreasing and deoiling of steel coil, hot dip galvanizing, zinc aluminum alloy, zinc and tin plating, with fast degreasing speed and good washing ability. Also suitable for other electroplating and coating chemical cleaning degreasing, the product can also be used at medium temperature.
      Two, technical standards:
      Appearance: white powdery solid PH value: 13-13.6 Free lye: 56-62 total alkalinity: 75-80 points
      Iii. Technical Specifications:
      Bath concentration: 30~80g/ L Free basicity: 35~65 treatment temperature: 40~80℃ Cleaning method: soaking, spraying
      Four, slot distribution method:
      1, add two thirds of the required amount of water. 2. Heat up to 60℃. 3. Open the circulating stirring pump. 4. Slowly add yX-902 oil removing powder and stir evenly. 5, analyze the medium, adjust the trial.
      Five, tank liquid maintenance and adjustment
      1. Determination of alkali point: absorb 10ml of the tested solution into a 250ml conical bottle, add 50mL distilled water and 3 drops of phenolphthalein indicator, and titrate with 0.1mol/L sulfuric acid standard solution until colorless as the end point. Base point (Pt) =20CV V---- Volume of sulfuric acid standard solution, concentration of mL C--- sulfuric acid standard solution, mol/L 2. 3. In order to ensure normal operation, it is necessary to regularly analyze and control the free alkali solution and timely add defat powder. Adding 0.86 grams of defat powder per liter can increase the free alkali solution by one degree. 4. After oil saturation, oil removal effect decreases, or even complete failure, the whole tank should be replaced regularly.
      Six, safety points and storage:
      This product is alkaline, if contact skin, please immediately wash with water, preferably in a dry place, to prevent moisture absorption for a long time.
      Vii. Technical Services:
      According to the specific situation of customers and technical requirements of the process, the weight of oil pollution, different materials for customers to develop a set of complete process. The company will be in line with the "quality first, to win trust" principle, to provide customers with high quality technical services, customer satisfaction is our purpose.


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